Parent Participation

All Vancouver Island Cooperative Preschool Association (VICPA) preschools are parent-operated. The preschools are administered and maintained by the parents on a non-profit, non-sectarian, inter-cultural basis.

Under the guidance of a qualified Early Childhood Educator (ECE) parents assist in the classroom. Parent participation preschools promote direct involvement of parents. This makes for a unique educational family experience.

Parent Participation provides:Strawberry Vale

  • time to observe your child interacting with a consistent group of their peers
  • guidance of a qualified ECE as role model and resource on child development
  • the opportunity to meet, socialize, and work cooperatively with a diverse group of parents from the community
  • emotional and practical support in parenting from other parents
  • free access to monthly parent education sessions featuring topics of interest to you
  • a chance to contribute existing skills and develop new ones

FullSizeRenderThe VICPA preschool experience can give parents increased parenting skills, peer support, and self-confidence. Many parents have gone on to become effective leaders in their schools, communities, service organizations and government.

Your skills can be enriched by:

  • attending and facilitating workshops
  • holding executive positions in the preschool
  • assisting the VICPA Board
  • participating in the Making Tomorrow Conference

Your responsibilities to the preschool include:

  • 2assisting in the classroom on a pre-arranged rotational basis
  • attending orientation sessions with other parents and ECE
  • attending monthly meetings of preschool membership for parent education sessions, preschool business and social activities
  • paying a registration fee and reasonable monthly tuition which vary according to the expenses of each preschool
  • participating in fundraising and other community events
  • sharing the tasks of the preschool such as making playdough, equipment upkeep, or holding an executive position.There is a preschool job to meet every member’s schedule and interest!